Great day for a ride

Yesterday I went out for a short ride on the new bicycle, and it turned out to be one of my nicest rides in recent memory. Gorgeous weather: sunny and low sixties, slight breeze. I found a route that, though there’s a bit more traffic than I prefer, was quite pleasant. But the new bike is just fantastic.I’m still getting used to the different shifting, and I need to tinker a bit more with the adjustments (half the fun of a new bike), but otherwise it fits me great. I’ve never had a bike this light, and the few slight hills on the route were a blast — I even sprinted up one, which I never do as I usually hate hills. I need to find some nice routes, though. I’m now living in the ‘burbs, having recently moved from a much more rural setting where a nice road was just at the end of my driveway, so finding a nice scenic route without much traffic will be a challenge.

I couldn’t really afford this P1 Madone 5 (with SRAM Force gruppo) but I’ve needed a new road bike for a long time. I’ve got a hybrid commuter that I end up riding more than anything else, but it’s a bit heavy for a recreational ride. And I’ve got my fixie, a 1968 Raleigh Professional frame that I’ve had for 30 years and is on its umpteenth incarnation — every time I build it up it becomes something else. My last nice road bike was from 1993, with Campy Chorus Ergo components (which I love), but the frame never seemed to fit quite right. It’s probably too big, which is ironic since most everything I own is too small for me. I taught myself to build bicycle frames 30 years ago just because I couldn’t find anything big enough. My first creation (531 and Campy) was stolen out of the garage, and the custom replacement, once I could afford it, I ended up having made too big. So there it hangs in the basement, having moved with me eight or ten times since I last seriously rode it.

I’ve also got the mountain bike that I built for myself (including frame) back in 1983 — it was state of the art back then, and probably one of the first custom mountain bikes ever built. But I never really got into mountain biking. It was converted into a polo bike at one point, but that didn’t last long, so it’s back to its more or less original state. Anyone interested in a museum piece?


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