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This post is a year late

While writing about the moon landing I remembered how struck I was last year by the number of 40th anniversaries that occurred during the year. What was it with 1969, that so many momentous things happened? I suppose you could … Continue reading

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A Little Knowledge…

What happens when you read a book? In Alan Bennett’s book The Uncommon Reader, the Queen of England suddenly develops an interest in reading. Once she starts reading she starts thinking; she has new ideas and new ways of seeing … Continue reading

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A bike with a motor

Though bicycling was my primary outdoor hobby for most of my life, I always flirted with the idea of getting a motorcycle. A lot of my neighbours had dirt bikes when I was growing up, but our family wasn’t that … Continue reading

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The moon landing

My latest package from Amazon arrived a couple days ago, and included a copy of MoonFire, a gorgeous coffee-table tome from Taschen, with text by Norman Mailer and photos from NASA. It’s a history of the Apollo 11 mission, with … Continue reading

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Time and manner of one’s death

In Tim Burton’s movie “Big Fish”, the father, as a young man who recently left home to strike out on his own, is in a dangerous situation. He’s walking through a haunted wood with trees that are trying to kill … Continue reading

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Suckling pigs and mermaids

Quite some time ago a co-worker, during a discussion related to how to classify something we were working on, mentioned a classification scheme that included suckling pigs and mermaids. Something this absurd would obviously stick in my head, and it … Continue reading

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Bike paths, and a Rant

Yesterday C. and I rode on a new (to us) bike path along the river into the city. A very nice path in pretty good condition, gorgeous scenery, and … a lot of people! We encountered the same thing here … Continue reading

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