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Happy Holidays…

… or is that Merry Christmas? It seems that a lot of people are getting worked up lately over which is correct, the greeting related to the “original” meaning of the holiday or the more inclusive one. Christmas itself as … Continue reading

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Riding all winter

The motorcycle is put away for the winter… or is it? The first couple of years that I rode I faithfully went through the steps to bundle up the bike for the cold weather: changing the oil, filling the tank … Continue reading

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So Many Books; So Little Time

It’s nearing the end of the year, and while there’s still a lot of reading time left to go, especially over the holiday break, I thought it would be interesting to list the books that I’ve read during the year. … Continue reading

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Pugs and Evolution

My fiance C posted in her blog about the effects of evolution on the friendly pug, commenting on a humorous post from another blog suggesting that the pug is “proof that evolution doesn’t work”. The obvious response is that pugs … Continue reading

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