Happy Holidays…

… or is that Merry Christmas? It seems that a lot of people are getting worked up lately over which is correct, the greeting related to the “original” meaning of the holiday or the more inclusive one.

Christmas itself as a celebrated, public, and Christian holiday doesn’t really go back very far — just to Victorian times, really. Of course Christians have observed the anniversary of their god’s birth in human form before then, but as a public celebration and holiday it’s not very old. And of all of the aspects of the pubic celebration that we have today — the tree, holly, yule log, egg nog, Santa Claus with elves and reindeer — only the nativity scene, really, is Christian. Everything else was co-opted by the Christian missionaries from the northern European pagans they were trying to convert. The winter solstice celebration is common to nearly all cultures, worldwide, but with different names. However it came about, people celebrate this time of year for different reasons and in different ways.

However you prefer to celebrate I send to you my appropriate best wishes. Whether you are the “keep Christ in Christmas” type or prefer “keep the Druids in the winter solstice celebration”, whether you go with the more modern pop culture Festivus (… for the rest of us) or prefer to just blow the whole thing off all together, I wish you the best of whatever it is that you want to celebrate. Remember your families and loved ones, remember to be decent towards your fellow humans (and animals), and strive to make the world a little bit better for everyone.


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