So Many Books, So Little Time (2012 edition)

I’m attempting to establish a habit of posting a list of books read during the year. 2011 is here and 2010 is here. I don’t know if the resulting motivation is good or bad; it’s nice to track what I’m reading, but knowing that at the end of the year I’m going to post this may push me to keep my numbers up. That’s not really a problem, though; I’ve been reading at this rate my entire life.

As usual, there have been some number of distractions during the year. My wife and I moved in March, which took some time, and I had three weeks of business travel during February and another three in September. Plus I started work on writing a book of my own. And of course I’ve been keeping up with the various magazines I’m subscribed to.

I’ve fit just a bit more fiction into my reading this year, though I’m still heavily non fiction. I started rereading some of my Greek classical history, as well as medieval, and have lately become more interested in Norse mythology, something that I really ought to pay more attention to as that more closely reflects my heritage than the Greek. I’ve also resolved to read more essays this year; with my increasingly short attention span their short length and varied topics hold my interest better than long books. I’ve started any number of books this year that failed to hold my interest — and truth be told, a couple of the books on this year’s list weren’t quite completed. I’ve got a half dozen books on my reading shelf that I’ve been struggling through and may never complete. Most of these are classics, the sort of books that everyone is supposed to read sometime during their life, and I want to, but they’re certainly not page turners.

So… on to the list:

  • The Swerve – Greenblatt
  • On the Nature of the Universe – Lucretius
  • Stardust – Gaiman
  • The Fermata – Baker
  • New Yorker Adventure Collection – New Yorker
  • Myths and Legends of the Celts – MacKillop
  • Prague Cemetery – Eco
  • New Yorker Environment Collection – New Yorker
  • Dard Hunter: The Graphic Works – Kressman
  • Before the Lights Go Out – Koerth-Baker
  • Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking – Cain
  • Turing’s Cathedral – Dyson
  • Fear and Loathing at the Rolling Stone – Thompson
  • A Universal History of the Destruction of Books – Baez
  • Our Man in Havana – Greene
  • The Oracle: Lost Secrets and Hidden Messages of Ancient Delphi – Broad
  • Sex and Punishment: Four Thousand Years of Judging Desire – Berkowitz
  • Classical Bearings: Interpreting Ancient History and Culture – Green
  • The Greek Way of Death – Garland
  • A History of Illuminated Manuscripts – De Hamel
  • Incognito: The Secret Lives of the Brain – Eagleman
  • London: The Biography – Ackroyd
  • At the Bottom of the Garden: A Dark History of Fairies… – Purkiss
  • Genius: Life and Science of Richard Feynman – Gleick
  • Chasing Venus – Wulf
  • Mortality – Hitchens
  • The Last Policeman – Winters
  • JRR Tolkien: A Biography – Carpenter
  • The Hobbit – Tolkien
  • Prose Edda – Snorri Sturluson
  • Misreadings – Eco
  • How to Travel With A Salmon – Eco
  • Beowulf – anon
  • The Book of Kells – Meehan

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